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DVD and Streaming now available!

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DVD includes... "Etienne!" The Hamster Movie - Subtitles in Spanish, French, German, Italian & Japanese - Deleted Scenes - Making-of & Featurettes - "For No One" the short film that started "Etienne!" - Uncut performance from Great Northern - Trailers and more!

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This is a Widescreen DVD. All sales are final. Contact customer service by email or at 424-785-1900.
The Making-Of Video

If you love "Etienne!" and feel like the film is worth a donation, we'd be thrilled to learn about your support!

Note: This is also an opportunity for those who illegally downloaded or ripped the film off the DVD to make a clean breast of the actions taken. Independent films such as "Etienne!" take years to be made. The cast and crew work for free. Directors, producers, friends and family put up their savings to create movies that otherwise will never get made. Beacuse they believe in it. Fact is that the filmmakers will never make their money back if these films are pirated. Make a donation. Thanks!

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