(EP Album)
also available for download
Music by Mark Bächle
(AKA Champagne and I)
Les Rêve des Oiseaux itunes
Je m'en Lave les Mains itunes
Last Look Around itunes
Music by Jeff Mizushima
The Hotel itunes
Fixing the Wheel itunes
Music by various Artists
The Crystal Cat by Dan Deacon get track
Bonne Nuit Etienne by Montag get track
Lulu by BeatBeat Whisper get track
Winter by Great Northern get track
For Weeks by Great Northern  
There's a Pea under my Bed by Matt  
BlameQui by Gregory and the Hawk

get track

Meteors by The Happy Hollows get track
The Light & End of Man by Justin Bianco get track
Etienne by The Sound of Bailey get track
Evrytm We Do It by Wallpaper. get track
Waiting for Another Day by Water into Wine Band  
Cover by Schtärneföifi
De Hamschter Etienne itunes get cd
Swiss bonus track: "De Hamschter Etienne" by Schtärneföifi
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